Our Story

Glen Prince is a British family owned and run fashion brand based in Somerset, United Kingdom. It was established in 1990 by father and son duo Paul & Mark Lovell and for the last thirty years the dedicated team has grown to become a top British luxury fashion accessory brand. The company coordinate, design and develop new products through the head office located in Somerset, United Kingdom.

Glen Prince uses only high quality fibres

Our Fibres

Glen Prince uses only the finest natural fibers when creating its products, materials are lovingly cultivated to create lifelong luxury accessories. Our cashmere is one of the most luxurious pure natural fibers available in the world. It is known for its softness, warmth and quality. The cashmere fiber comes from the fibers on the under-belly of cashmere goats. Learn more about our cashmere HERE Our lambswool is a soft fiber taken from the initial shearing of a lamb and is the best quality of the sheep’s wool. The crimp in the wool fibers creates air pockets that retain heat, whilst the harder outer layer repels water.

Traditional Craftsmanship

Our company has relied on the detailed knowledge from the craftsman at the production Mill in Scotland. To create one of our Scottish made products there are thirty different processes involving the transformation of raw materials into complete luxury products. From dyeing, blending, carding, warping, weaving, knitting, teaselling and cutting, the expert craftsmen take pride in every process, ensuring they do their best to give high quality and durable luxury fashion collections. In our production mill in Scotland, we have ensured that standards of operations are kept high, giving our customers the products that exceed their expectations and last a lifetime.

Using tradional craftspeople
Authentic British Design

Authentic British Design

Every Glen Prince collection embraces the heart and soul of British design. We have our passionate design team based in Somerset to thank for every new collection we have launched. We aim to create unique collections while incorporating classic Glen Prince elements in every design. Constantly studying the trends for the upcoming season’s means there is not a moments rest for the designers here at Glen Prince.

Where we started

Having worked in a wine shop in Paris, then as a textile agent for British, Belgium and Austrian companies dealing with apparel and knitwear, and later as a sales person for a Japanese Brand and in traditional French retail stores in Paris, Mark Lovell gained enough experience to allow him set up his own brand. In 1990 with the help of his father Paul Lovell, the company was created and their dream to own and run a successful British luxury fashion was realised.

Glen Prince as brand name was suggested by Peter Duxbury, an experienced textile designer and managing director of the London Scarf company. Mark adopted the name and took a trip to Tokyo, Osaka and around the world where he learned from designers in several textile factories.

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Fashion Designer
Glen Prince on sale worldwide

Glen Prince around the world

Glen Prince sells across the world, the British heritage of our brand combined with our unique collections is what our customers love most. Glen Prince is stocked in some of the most prestigious department stores across the world and you can also find us stocked in small family run boutiques. We have worked on private label collections for Paul Smith, G.A.P, The V&A Museums, The Royal Navy Museums and the National Army Museums. 

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Glen Prince of Great Britain making beautiful scarves since 1990